Padmavathi Organic Foods - Vegetables and Fruits

All produce is organic and home-farm grown
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Available Organic Shop items: (Updated on: 1 Dec 2012 : Call for purchase: +91 98415 70969*)
1. Organic Groundnuts (with Shell) - Fresh! Harvested 28 Nov
Any small quantity  - Rs. 55 / kg
40 Kg bag - Rs. 1600

2. Organic Ponni (White - Raw) - 35 /kg

3. Organic ADT 45 Rice - Rs 30 / kg

*PS: I am an amateur farmer and have a day time job. If I miss your call, I will return it by evening.

This is a page that will be updated with "Available" produce - call me to check how you can pick it up or I can drop it off. Once something is sold out (or consumed out by me) I will delete it from this page.

How to buy?
Call me at +(91) 98415 70969 or email :  . My place is in Mylapore and I can drop it off in any place 7 kms radius

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